Web design acknowledgement

Design and tweaks

The website design is mainly based on a Wordpress theme by Anders Norén, with some tweaks to improve accessibility.

I used this colour contrast finder tool to get a darker shade of teal.

The menu items are now specified with aria-labels.

I have removed the search function as the website is a simple, static website.

Blackwinged Creatives' logo is designed by my wonderful friend Amber Von.

Other thoughts

I remade the website for Blackwinged Creatives for a reason I am not particularly proud of.

I put my producing career on hiatus from January 2019 onwards, as I was looking for my next steps. For more than half a year I was busy attending a coding bootcamp and graduating from it, looking for a job and getting one with ThoughtWorks. The last time I looked at the original website must have been around August 2019.

In January 2020, I somehow visited the page, and to my horror, realised that it was... hacked.

Fortunately there is Wayback Machine, where I found a copy of the website when it was still there.

Since the website was really nothing more than a few static pages, I thought I could rebuild it using plain HTML and CSS. After all, I'm a software developer now.

I was also delighted to see that despite not knowing what digital accessibility was when I was producing, I did pick a theme with accessible visual design. It didn't take me too long to rebuild it from scratch.

Why do I keep the website of my old career? For the fond memories, but also because I look back with pride, and without any regrets.