Current Projects

Producer, AΦE

Blackwinged Creatives is producer for AΦE, currently producing the company’s first major commission WHIST.

WHIST is a physical theatre and Virtual Reality production inspired by Sigmund Freud and explores the notion of unconsciousness. It received its world premiere on 12th-13th April 2017 at The Gulbenkian and currently touring UK and internationally.

WHIST is co-produced by The Gulbenkian and tanzhaus nrw Dusseldorf, and supported by Arts Council England and South East Dance.

Assistant Producer, Skye Blue Productions

Blackwinged Creatives is Assistant Producer for Skye Blue Productions, working closely with Farooq Chaudhry who is producer of Akram Khan Company and International Creative Producer of Chinese iconic dancer Yang Liping.

In 2016, we produced Yang Liping’s Under Siege at Sadler’s Wells Theatre. It was the first time Yang’s work was seen in the UK, and the work received three 4-star reviews, being dubbed as “an absolutely stunning production” and a “visual splendour”.

Previous Projects

When we did something big of our own.

2015 saw the 100th birth anniversary of cultural icon Edith Piaf. We co-produced PIAF by Pam Gems, directed by Jari Laakso and executive produced by Gillian Tan, for a 3-week run at Bridewell Theatre in October and November 2015. Featuring Cameron Leigh in its title role, it opened to 4-star reviews from, West End Wilma, and LondonTheatre1.

The production was picked up by producers Steven M. Levy and Sean Sweeney, and transferred to Charing Cross Theatre to play over Christmas 2015 for 6 weeks, earning another five 4-star reviews.

When we tried something new.

At Fish Island Labs (a joint project by the Barbican and the Trampery), we devised an incubator programme for the first cohort of members (July 2014) and produced Interfaces, a 3-day exhibition by the members that took place across the Barbican foyers 21-23 August 2015. In June 2015, we have also initiated its monthly open gallery evening Art/Tech/Networks, now known as “Afterthought”.

We initiated over two days in March 2015. Dubbed as “hackathon for the arts”, it was a research project with Dr Gerard Briscoe and award-winning theatre company ZU-UK in March 2015, to investigate the effectiveness of hackathon models in cross-disciplinary art making.

Temporarily stepping outside of dance, we implemented a social media campaign for Circle of Sound‘s Anti Hero album, in the period leading up to the band’s album launch concert at Queen Elizabeth Hall in May 2014. 

When we worked in our specialism of dance and theatre.

Between 2012 and 2016, we developed and delivered Akram Khan Company‘s National Engagement Programme and its delivery entity AKCT (a charity separate from the main company). Akram’s first children show Chotto Desh (world premiere 23 October 2015) is now touring internationally until 2018, and AKX (2014 and 2015) saw 30 dance graduates enrich their artistic experience through a 1-2 week professional development programme.

We also managed Big Dance 2016 Trafalgar Square and Pledge events on behalf of Akram Khan Company. 2016 sees the final year of the festival, a national and international celebration of dance organised by Mayor of London and People Dancing. Akram Khan as the Artistic Director choreographed for the Big Dance Pledge that inspired 43,000 people across 39 countries to dance, and 300 Londoners from all walks of life performed Akram’s choreography at Trafalgar Square on 2nd July 2016. 

Back when Blackwinged Creatives was still a one-woman band, JiaXuan worked with Fang-Yi Sheu & Artists (許芳宜&藝術家), based in Taiwan, on their international projects in London, New York City and Vail from 2013 to 2014. She also still fondly remembers her first gig outside of Akram Khan Company, when she first started out as a solopreneur, as Business Development Assistant at Ambassador Theatre Group (ATG) where she was introduced to the large scale, highly complex (=fun!) management of commercial theatre. (No image could represent the work that she did there)