The Company

Blackwinged Creatives, founded in 2014, is a young and dynamic practice in arts management and producing. We have been working with artists who cross boundaries of culture, geography and creative disciplines, in the UK and internationally.

We are based in London, the heartbeat of Europe’s creative scene, where the diversity of artistic voices in the city never fails to amaze. Keeping ourselves on the pulse, we attend a variety of performances, exhibitions and events, from small-scale grassroots work to large productions by established institutions.

JIAXUAN HON Founder | @idanceinbetween

Born and raised in Malaysia, JiaXuan Hon holds a BA (Hons) Dance and Culture with Professional Training from the University of Surrey, UK. Set out to build a career in dance management, she spent two years with Akram Khan Company upon graduation in 2010, working through a myriad of job titles before going freelance. Her engagements and interests grew from contemporary dance to include commercial theatre, arts and technology, and in 2014 she set up Jia Xuan Hon Ltd (trading as Blackwinged Creatives) to support her ambitions in arts management practices and a growing portfolio of clients. Sometimes she blogs at www.idanceinbetween.com.

Projects Associates Programme

About the Programme

At Blackwinged Creatives, our project associates programme is a way of providing young talent an entry to arts management. It is a full time position for 12 months where associates receive a generous professional development budget and are encouraged to find their voices as arts managers and producers.

Our previous Projects Associates went on to secure job offers from Blackwinged Creatives clients as well as work with artists who they believe will make a difference to the arts ecology. 


Having lived and worked in Singapore, France, New York, and Zambia, Hannah is enjoying putting her nomadic existence to rest for a while and settling in London. In constant pursuit of opportunities to facilitate exciting and immersive art, Hannah has experience as a Stage Manager, Production Manager, and Producer. She has a degree in English from Durham University and speaks French, Spanish, and British Sign Language. Hannah is particularly inspired by projects that make use of new ideas and technology to challenge the limits of what art and performance are capable of.

Hannah now freelances in theatre and arts and technology. Find her on LinkedIn.

(2015-16, 2017-18)

Originally from Romania, Gabriel studied art and linguistics before relocating to London in 2009. After graduating with a BA (Hons) in Dance Performance from Middlesex University, Gabriel sought to build a career in dance production and arts management. He pursued his dreams by partaking in a number of further education courses, which broadened his creative palette and opened new doors within the industry. Inspired by ever-advancing technology, he is always keen to merge the old and new; art meets science. For Gabriel, the arts can and should excite the mind, challenge current ways of thinking and continue to test new boundaries. Gabriel was a Project Associate between 2015 and 2016, and returned full-time as Project Manager between 2017 and 2018. Find him on LinkedIn.